This page last updated 11-24-2023

Below are the planned pairings for 2023. We are now accepting deposits for these puppies:

Note~ We ultrasound around 28-32 days in the pregnancy to confirm them. Please fill out our puppy questionnaire form before placing a deposit on a puppy so that we will have a better idea what you are looking for. Deposits are transferable to other puppies until a puppy has been decided on. The list below is the order that deposits are received. Picking will go in this order Labrador

Deposits Reservations

Yellow Waiting List

Heidi Gamble~ yellow female Future
Brad Tamblyn~ yellow female~ Future
Amanda Morris~ yellow female~ Future

Dark Yellow/Red Waiting List

Tess Stohrer~ female~ Future

Laura Shuler~ male
Black Waiting List

Julie Weaver~ black male~ future
Hope Lapoczka~ black male

James Chapman~ black male/female

Kristin Caudle~ black male/female

Laurie Ann Gamble~ black male
Ginger Redican~ black female

Chocolate Waiting List

Kate Mitchell~ chocolate male~ future Choco
Bryson Henry~ chocolate male~ Future
Francis Stinger~ chocolate m/f future
Christine Kiriloff~ chocolate female

Brendan Carberry~ chocolate female

James Chapman~ chocolate male/female

Theresa Swofford~ chocolate male

Laurie Ann Gamble~ chocolate male

Jennifer Boykin~ chocolate male

Daniel Darby~ chocolate male

Corgi Reservations

Brianna Butler~ Future Female
Sheila Scott~ male

Denise LeCroy

We are very excited about the litters that we have planned for 2023 and will be starting a few new lines here at the Farm. Our litters mostly consist of CH sired or CH grand sired puppies along with Field Champion sired or grand sired pups. We work very hard with our program bringing in the best lines current and producing wonderful dual-purpose companions with drive, looks and temperament. Please feel free to contact us about any of our planned litters posted below. We cannot guarantee that any planned litter will actually take as that is out of our hands, below is just the pairings that we have planned and who the parents will be if the breeding does take.

please remember these are just breeding pairs for the year and we cannot guarantee the breeding to take, or we may change the planned breeding.

Caro and Clifford all yellow (Red) litter

Clifford and Mona red/yellow litter

Stevie and Deuce black and chocolate litter

Boozer and Bubbles corgi litter Due end Nov 23

Deuce and Devi black and chocolate litter Due Jan 24 (waiting confirmation)

Choco and Aqua all chocolate litter Due Jan 24 (waiting confirmation)

Merlin and Crook all black litter Due Jan 24 (Waiting confirmation)