Below is the current waiting/deposit list.Note~ We ultrasound around 28-32 days in the pregnancy to confirm them. Please fill out our puppy questionnaire form before placing a deposit on a puppy so that we will have a better idea what you are looking for. Deposits are transferable to other puppies until a puppy has been decided on. The list below is the order that deposits are received. Picking will go in this order

Yellow Waiting List

Heidi Gamble~ yellow female~ Future

Ret Taylor~ yellow male

Robin Bolling~ yellow male

Mimi Patrick~ yellow female

Dark Yellow/Red Waiting List

Black Waiting List

Chocolate Waiting List

Bryson Henry~ chocolate~ Future

Francis Stinger~ chocolate~ Future

John Boykin~ chocolate male~ Future

Mimi Hollingsworth~ chocolate female

2024/2025 Planned Breedings

Please remember that we cannot guarantee each pairing to take and can't guarantee that breeding as sometimes they change.

Caro and Clifford~ Confirmed

Clifford and Mona (red/yellow) litter

Mixie and Chocolate all chocolate litter

Grizz and Choco all chocolate litter

Hooker and Merlin all yellow litter