Masons Aqua Super Sport
Masons Signature Dark Mixer
Masons Rosebud Of The Ring
Int CH Moannser Line Tsezarina Cerin FDC TT
Masons Final Hop Around
Masons Top Light Monarch
Int CH River's Hook Like & Sinker JH CGCA CGCU TKI FDC TT
River's Tell Me Lies DN WC ATT 1JH "Stevie"
Masons Best Devil Around Town "Devi"

We do full genetic health tests on our females through Pawprint Genetics. We also do OFA hip/elbow/patella and cardiac. Please click the icon to learn more about what all of these tests mean

Rivers Representative Masons Reel Spade CGC


CH pntd. Masons

Hop Around Your



Masons Hoss'N

Around Downtown


Masons Salty Brown Gose