OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Patella: Normal

EIC: Carrier
CNM: Clear

DM: Clear

PK Deficiency: Clear

MCD: Clear

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 1: Clear

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome 2: Clear

HUU: Clear

NARC: Clear
RD/OSD: Clear

HPNK: Clear

PRA/PRCD: Carrier

CYS: Clear

CMS: Clear

CDDY with IVDD: Clear

Stargardt Disease: Clear

Laryngeal Paralysis/Polyneuropathy: Clear

Myotonia Congenita: Clear

PRA/crd4: Clear

SK2: Clear

MTM1: Clear

Elliptocytosis: Clear

GR-PRA2: Clear

CopperTox A: (Safety) Carrier

Copper Tox B: Clear

CDPA: Clear

Ichthyosis: Clear

Ullrich Congenital Mus Dys 1: Clear

Ullrich Congenital Mus Dys 2: Clear

Int CH Moannser Line Tsezarina Cerin FDC TT

DNA: eeBB: Yellow

Weight: 72lbs


International Champion

 AKC Farm Dog Certified

AKC Temperament Tested

Health Clearances

Lucy is a wonderful yellow (fox red) female that we have brought into our program who was originally imported from Russia. To say that this girl is athletic would definitely be an understatement. She is super sweet and loves to retrieve and I believe she would live in the water if you would let her lol. We have high hopes for her first litter here on the farm in the ring and in the field.