OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Patella: Normal

EIC: Carrier
CNM: Clear

DM: Clear

HUU: Clear

NARC: Clear
RD/OSD: Clear

HPNK: Carrier


CYS: Clear

CMS: Clear

PRA/crd4: Carrier

SK2: Clear

MTM1: Clear

Elliptocytosis: Clear

GR-PRA2: Clear

Masons Final Hop Around

DNA: eeBb Yellow carry choc

Weight: 75 lbs

Health Clearances

Honor is a farm bred and born girl from our retired boy Hoss. We have many generations of this lineage and know the temperaments of them. They LOVE being in the center of attention and are all about their people. She gets along with everyone and is more of a people dog than a dog dog. She has no issues with any of the farm animals at the farm either since she grew up around all of them she just thinks they are part of her pack as well.