OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal
Patella: Normal

EIC: Clear
CNM: Clear

DM: Clear

PK Deficiency: Clear

Myotonia: Clear

Ullrich Con Mus Dys 1: Clear

Ullrich Con Mus Dys 2: Clear

HUU: Clear

NARC: Clear
RD/OSD: Clear

HPNK: Carrier


CYS: Clear

CMS: Clear

Long Coat: Clear

Ehlers-Danlos Syn 1: Clear

Ehlers-Danlos Syn 2: Clear

PRA/crd4: Clear

SK2: Clear

MTM1: Clear

Elliptocytosis: Clear

GR-PRA2: Clear

Copper Tox A: Clear

Copper Tox B: Clear

CDPA: Clear

CDDY with IVDD: Clear

Laryngeal Para/Poly: Clear

Choco Fairy Tale Object Of Your Love JH

DNA: EEbb: Chocolate

Weight: 82 lbs


AKC Junior Hunter Title

Health Clearances

Choco came to us all the way from the Ukraine and he has been a great part of our breeding program. He is super stocky with a really dark chocolate coat that he throws on his puppies. Choco completed his JH title at a young age and has spent some time in the show ring. He loves to swim and retrieve and is quiet and easy going