OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
Cardiac: Normal

EIC: Clear

Bluie Gene: Carrier

Long Coat: Carrier

DM: Clear

XSCID: Clear

PRA/crd3: Clear

MDR1: Clear

VwD: Clear

DMD Gene: Clear

Masons Just One More VHMA CGC SWB SWI TKN

Weight: 32 lbs


AKC Canine Good Citinzen

AKC Virtual Home Manners Adult

AKC Scent Work Beginners
AKC Scent Work Intermediate
AKC Trick Novice

Health Clearances

Boozer is a True Sable corgi and he is my main pain in the butt... LOL! Well..... anyone who knows corgis knows what I mean. He is goofy, headstrong, smart, loyal and just an all around awesome sidekick. He was there after losing my main boy to the horrible disease of DM (Degenerative Myelopathy). Just a truly heartbreaking disease that plagues so many breeds but especially corgis. I vowed to never have a corgi affected of that genetic disease ever again. Boozer is shadow and is so well behaved but still has the typical stubborn corgi temperament. He loves going out to eat or going on the boat. Just whatever his people are doing. He has an amazing nose and can track just about anything any deer or blood trail you put him on.