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We here at Mason Farms only deal with pedigrees that are proven through competitions and titling years and years before what we produce as well as titling our current lines and maintaining great breed standards. We get A lot of questions asking what all of the lettering means that are in front or behind a dogs name in our pedigrees. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the titling abbreviations that you are looking at when looking at our lineage

We strive for a true "Dual Purpose" bred dog. Most of our dogs are already bred to produce those types of companions but sometimes we will combine the full English type with the Field type to get the "Dual" type back into the lineage of a dog to try to stick to a breed standard type of puppy. We spend a lot of time studying pedigrees to be able to match up great parents to produce very high quality puppies.

~ Not sure what type of lab that you are looking for? CLICK HERE to learn more about Field, English and Dual Type Labradors. ~

All of our puppies come with a two year health guarantee (pet registration only), sample of Nu Vet vitamins, TLC all life stages kit (poop bags, tlc dog treats, food scoop), collar, leash, micro chipped with prepaid lifetime enrollment and tag, toy,  blanket and parent's printed pedigree. Our puppies are also up to date on all vaccines and worming. We have a 2, 4, 6 and 8 week worming program as well as a 4 week parvo vaccine followed by a 7 week all in one vaccine. Our puppies will also already have their first monthly Heart gard preventative at 6 weeks of age. If pups stay longer than 8 weeks, they will stay up to date on all vaccinations and worming dates. Pups will have their dew claws still as we do not remove them in case of future show pups.

We try very hard to keep our breeding lines as health qualified as possible. We test more than most breeders to ensure high quality and healthy babies. We are always updating and adding new clearances but at Mason Farms, we test for hips and elbows through OFA or FCI tested when imported. We offer a lifetime guarantee on any puppy born from our dogs here at the farm against the following genetics thanks to our parentage testing: EIC, CNM, PRA/PRCD, HPNK, DM, Cys, SK2, RD/OSD, HUU, NARC, PK deficiency, Elliptocytosis, MTM1 and GR-PRA2. To learn more about the testings that we complete, please CLICK HERE.

For more information on why we use and recommend Nu Vet vitamins, please CLICK HERE. To read our health guarantee CLICK HERE.

To contact me for more information, please text/call Tracy at 843-708-4741 or email me at masonsfarms@gmail.com.

If you would like to be considered for a Mason Farms puppy, please fill out our puppy questionnaire HERE. This way we have all of your contact information as well as what type of companion you are looking for so we can get started with finding that perfect pup! If we don't have what you are looking for, I know several other great breeders whom I can get you in contact with.

IMPORTANT~ If you have already placed a deposit with us for a Mason Farms puppy, Please CLICK HERE for some great information on food, microchips, vitamins and extras to get prior to your baby coming home.

If you have not ordered your food yet, please click the link below  to order with a discount to make sure you have what you need before your baby comes home. We feed the TLC Whole Life Dog Food so it covers all stages of their life and have loved the food and the service.



NOTICE: We have stopped all visits to the Farm with the corona outbreaks for everyone's protection. We post pictures weekly of our babies on our website after their eyes are open and mom is settled in which is around two weeks of age. We also will post a lot of videos and updates on our Facebook page which is under Mason Farms as well. If you do not have a Facebook page we have no problems sending you the videos via phone. We post group and individual videos/posts, We let our pups go at 8 weeks of age. We will start scheduling pick up times and days the week before babies are ready to go home. When you visit to pick up your pup, you will meet them and get to choose at that time. We will also have the parents close to see as well unless one parent is off showing at the time. If your puppy is being transported, we will send you several videos and pictures of them and help you choose anyway we can.

Hula and Hoss JH had their babies on 3-11-21. We have black and yellow pups with an awesome lineage. This is an all English type breeding so pups should be pretty large and blocky. Pups will start going into new homes 5-6-2021. This is a first time pairing of these two. Pups are priced at $1800.00 for AKC limited registration. 

First Pick Black Female~ Reserved for Ret Taylor 

First Pick Yellow Female~ Reserved for Kevin Brantley
Second Pick Yellow Female~ Reserved for Jeff Meyer
Third Pick Yellow Female~ Reserved for Mason Farms
Fourth Pick Yellow Female~ Reserved

First Pick Black Male~ Reserved for Tate McAuliffe
Second Pick Black Male~ On Hold for Madison Corso



Ruthie and Deuce JH had their puppies on 4-3-2021. This is an all chocolate dual type litter that is a repeat litter that has produced some wonderful puppies. Ruthie is the sweetest dog ever and anyone who follows us especially on our facebook knows the pups that Deuce produces. These pups will be able to start going into their new homes on 5-29-2021. Pups will be $1800.00 for AKC limited registration.

First Pick Female~ Reserved for Charlene Segars-Smith
Second Pick Female~ Reserved for Michael McLoone
Third Pick Female~ Reserved for Jennifer Miller

First Pick Male~ Reserved for Jack McNall
Second Pick Male~ Reserved fir Franklin Wallace
Third Pick Male~ Reserved for Charlene Segars-Smith
Fourth Pick Male~ Reserved for Timothy Eastwood
Fifth Pick Male~ Reserved for Mark Eliades


Honor and Merlin JH had their babies on 4-5-2021. We have four sweet little girls that will be ready to go into their homes starting 5-31-2021. These will be some good looking pups with a dual purpose personality. This is a Hoss breeding paired with Merlin so I know these pups will excel at anything you want them to do. Pups are priced at $1800 for AKC limited registration.

First Pick Female~ Reserved for Edward Kronsberg

Second Pick Female~ Reserved for Kevin Davis
Third Pick Female~ Reserved for Chris Forrester

Fourth Pick Female~ Reserved


Scotch and Merlin JH had their yellow pups on 4-5-2021. Looking forward to this litter growing up for sure with the pairing of Scotch's CH/MH lineage with Merlin's import lineage this is going to be some very smart and eager to learn babies. Pups will be ready to go into new homes starting 5-31-2021 and are priced at $1800.00 for AKC pet limited registration. We are updating our deposit lists now to see if we will have any available from this litter.

First Pick Female~ Reserved For Taylor Stohrer

Second Pick Female~ Reserved for Drew Murray

Third Pick Female~ Reserved

Fourth Pick Female~ Reserved

First Pick Male~ Reserved For Jackson Bender

Second Pick Male~ Reserved For Barrett Stone

Third Pick Male~ Reserved For Karlayne Dufault
Fourth Pick Male~ Reserved for Hold