Health Guarantee

Although we have done everything we can to prevent these things, parasites, worms, coccidia, & giardia are a common problem in young puppies especially under the stress of meeting a new family, which can be easily treated; therefore these are excluded from this guarantee. At any time if you have any questions about anything never hesitate to contact me. These puppies were my babies first and their health and happiness is my utmost first priority!

A visit with your own vet within three business days (36 hours) is suggested, including a fecal exam, to confirm the health of your new puppy, and establish a relationship right from the start. (If any parasites, worms, coccidia, or giardia are found, treatment is the purchaser’s responsibility as the shed of these parasites can result by stress with a new family after we have negative fecal checks done at the farm.)

Puppy is 100% guaranteed from EIC. CNM, PRA/PRCD, HNPK, HUU, DM, NARC, RD/ODS, PK Deficiency, CYS, SK2. MTM1, Elliptocytosis and GR-PRA2 unaffected through genetic parentage testing. 

This dog has a guarantee that the hips will not receive a grade of moderate or severe for Hip Dysplasia at 24 months of age from the OFA, or we will apply the full purchase price of your puppy toward the price of a replacement puppy or additional family member of your choice, from a future Mason farms litter. If you decide you do not want another puppy, we will refund you the price of your puppy. (Replacement puppy will be provided when available as we will add your name to the waiting list. If the replacement puppy has a higher adoption fee, you will be responsible for the difference. If replacement puppy has a lower adoption fee, no refund will be given. OFA Certification must be completed before 28 months of age. Replacement puppies will be considered "as is" and will not be guaranteed. (i.e. only one replacement puppy will be provided.) All puppies are sold as pet quality only; no guarantee is made as to disposition, conformation, size, weight, color, markings, hunting or breeding abilities. We will also not guarantee undescended testicles, inverted vulva's, entropion, demodex, umbilical cord hernias, overbites, kennel cough or microchips that have "traveled". Any disorder that is treatable without affecting the dog’s quality of life is not covered.

To qualify for a replacement puppy or refund with our 2 year agreement, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Dog has NOT been spayed or neutered prior to 24 months of age. THIS GREATLY AFFECTS HOW YOUR PUPPIES GROWTH PLATES ARE DEVELOPED.

⦁ Dog has been registered with the AKC or microchip registered for confirmation of dog.

  • Although these vitamins are up to you to continue and are not part of our guarantee, we recommend them and NuVet Plus Vitamins can be ordered by phone at 1.800.474.7044, Order Code: 18393 or online at If you continue we will extend guarantee to three years.
  • We also use Dinovite Sportzdog Vitamins which are great for the working companion, if you want to order them you can HERE. You can use our farm code MFLR at checkout for the same 10% off discount se get as well. 
  • You received a statement from the OFA, stating that your dog received a grade of moderate or severe for Hip Dysplasia.
  • Dog has never been bred, even if puppies were not born or were not registered if produced.
  • Dog and AKC papers are returned to us. The original AKC papers must be returned to us.
  • There must be no signs of injury, abuse, neglect, dog is not over weight, under weight and is in good physical condition.
  • We will only honor digital xrays to be submitted to OFA for evaluation. Please ask your vet for a cd copy of the xrays so that you can send the pictures of the xray to us or have your vet email the xrays to me at

⦁ Puppies sold with FULL Registration "breeding rights" void any and all guarantees.

Any signs of abuse or failure to follow the above conditions will void this agreement.

  • There are no other guarantees given, either stated verbally or implied with this dog/puppy.
  • This guarantee will only be honored to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

⦁ It is understood that this is a live animal and things can & do happen that are beyond our control, as your puppy's breeder I have done everything I can to provide you with a healthy puppy. Please continue to do your part for a happy and healthy family member.

  • If at any time during your dog’s life, you are unable to keep him/her, we will assist you in finding him/her a new home. If necessary, you may return him/her to us, however no refund or replacement will be given.
  • Mason Farms (Tracy Mason) is not responsible for any Vet expenses, OFA, or any other expenses incurred by you, the buyer.