Field (Working) Type.... Show (Conformation) Type.... and Dual Purpose????

If you have been looking at different breeders with different types of bloodlines, you have probably seen many labs that all look differently and probably wondering what it means when some people say American (working) bred, some say English (show) bred and some say Dual Purpose. English is used widly with different breeders even if they aren't actual English lines so we call it English Type meaning that if comes from that conformation build. Different types of Labradors have different functions that might meet a families needs individually. Of course all labs are just wonderful, some types may be more for your family and what you are looking for.


Field (Working) Labradors:

These are the dogs that are bred for primarily working or a lot of activity. Very agile, smart and capable of learning at a fast pace. They tend to be smaller framed with longer legs, tail and nose. Some can be taller but still leggier. These dogs tend to definitely do better in an active family rather it be in a hunting scene, hiking or agility type of training. Their coats tend to be shorter. Their pedigrees you will find many working titles whether it be FC, JH, SH, MH and so forth. They do well as long as they are where they can be exercised daily and have plenty of room to run around.

Ex. of one of our working dogs' pedigrees


CFC Gahonk's R U Serious MHAFC Hawkeye's B R BuddyFC AFC Candlewoods M D HoustonFC AFC Lakeridge's Charlemange
AFC Black Golds Candlwood Kate
FC Candlewood Wilderness Brooke MHFC AFC Machipongo's W A Nappy
FC AFC Castlebay's Trumarc Sprinter
Starlab Madd Dash KateNFC FC Candlewoods Raisa RuckesFC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Candlewoods Calamity Kate
FC Starlab's She's Areal Dandy-SasNAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code
Remedy's Itchin To Get There MHNFC AFC Abe's Ebony and IvoryFC AFC Webshire's Honest AbeFC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Pine Creek's McChigger
Zip's Magic Marking InkNAFC FC AFC Trumarc's Zip Code
FC AFC Ms Mischief's Magic Marker
Remedy Phantom O'The Hammock JHSt Lucie Alligator Sam MHNFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker
FC AFC Misty Morning Magic III
Shamrock Acres Remedy To Go MHFC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Shamrock Acres Excess Baggage


Show Type (English Built) Labradors:

These are the type that are shorter and stockier with the classic block head and otter tails. They have beautiful gaits and a very playful demeanor. They tend to be calmer for the average household but can lack that killer hunting and retrieving drive that the working type do have. They are larger in size and build. They do very well in any average household with moderate exercise to normal exercise. Their coats tend to be a little longer and thicker. Their pedigrees will be proven with CH, MBISS, MBIS, GCH and so forth.

Ex. of one of our strictly conformation bred pedigrees


CH Tabatha's Adventure ScoreCH Tabatha's Sport WCCH DickendallDavaron GableCH Dickendall Arnold, JH
Wolvercote Gaity Girl
CH Tabatha's Giggle WCScent Trails Tug Of War
CH Tabatha's Dazzle WC
CH Tabatha's Tease WC CH Banner's Muskelunge BuckeyeBanner's Wenwood Obleo Arrow
Can CH Amblesides Banner Of Triple L
CH Tabatha's Token Truant, WCTabatha's Genuine Risk
Tabatha's Token WC
Centre Court's Deja Vu At AlluraCH Talimar's TrendsetterCH Visions Cain's MutinyCH Sounder's Hear Me Roar
CH Kellygreens Amazing Grace
Talimar's Winter IceCH Hennings Mill Talimar Martin WC CGC
Hyspire's Winters Amaryllis
Centre Court IllusionCH Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview GradyCH Dickendall Davaron Gable
Rozzy'z Lila Lovelorn
Centre Court SilhouetteCH Windfall Pipe Major
CH Centre Court Watermark Shelby


Dual Purpose Labradors

This is the type that we strive to produce here. A dog with the classic build with blockier heads and shorter otter tails but still have the natural working drive that a Labrador should have for breed standard. It is a working progress in what the puppies will look like but we work on drive as well as conformation with each litter every year. The pedigrees will normally consist of several Champion type dogs along with Hunt Test titles as well. We call it Dual Purpose as the dogs have the proven pedigree to do well in the field and still carry the classic mild show temperament which makes them do very well in any type of household. Some will take on more of the looks of one than the other depending on the individual breeding but they still end up with the quickness to learn and very pleasing temperaments. We work on several generations of the pedigrees to try to get exactly what we are looking for.

Ex. of one of our Dual Purpose Bred pedigrees


INT/AM CH High Voltage Blaze's Chase JH CD WC CGCBISS GMHR Int/Am/Mex CH Cook's Midnight Bandit MHInt/ Am/ Mex CH Janwood's Secret Agent CD WCCH Mallord's Flying Cloud Of Janrod WC
CH Janrod's Lady Perkins WC
CH Alvgarden's Mischief Maker Of Janrod JH WCInt/Nordic/Dutch CH Alvgarden's Valle
Swed CH Alvfarden's X-Princess
Can CH Cedarwood's Ruthless Rochelle JH Am/Can CD WC CGC TDI Am/Can/Bda CH Flyring Cloud's Tai-PanCH Hennings Mills Master Blend
Greenvalley's Carolina Mist
MHR Am/Can CH Plantier's Ruthless Ruthie MH CD WCXEng/Am/Can/ CH Lindall Mastercraft JH
Am/Can CH Cedarwood's Sable JH AWC CWC TDI
Candlewood's Kulm North DakotaJazzs Buffalo Bill Cody MHAFC CFC CAFC Chugach Hills Jazzs RascalFC AFC CFC CAFC Jazztime
GMHR Beavercrest Stuckagain Blue
GMHR Chugach Hills Itsy BitsyFC Muellers Stormy Canada
Pacers Little Bit
Candlewood's Cinnamon Teal JHFarron's Moses Parts The Waters SHNFC FC AFC Storm's Riptide Star
MHR Am/Can CH Plantier Ruthless Ruthie MH CD WCX
Candlewood's Talgarth GodivaCandlewood's Cash On The Line
Am CH Chestnut HIlls U Bet Your Boots