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 This page last updated 11-8-2018

Below are the planned breedings for 2019. We are now accepting deposits for these puppies:

Note~ We use Draminski pregnancy detectors and ovulation predictors for our breedings. The tests are very reliable but sometimes false readings can happen.

Please fill out our puppy questionnaire form before placing a deposit on a puppy so that we will have a better idea what you are looking for. Deposits are transferable to other puppies until a puppy has been decided on.

The list below is the order that deposits are received. Picking will go in this order

Labrador Deposits Reservations
James  Lamb~ Yellow MaleCJ
Thomas Jurecki~ yellow female CJ
Amanda Agnew~ yellow female CJ
Andrew Shouvlin~ yellow female CJ
Mary Kay Cronemeyer~ chocolate male F
Louise Uher~ yellow male CJ
Jay Weiddl~ yellow male CJ
Norah Owings~ yellow female YH
Laurel Royson~ yellow female YH

We are very excited about the litters that we have planned for 2018 and will be keeping back a lot of puppies to help further our breeding and showing program. Our litters mostly consist of CH sired or CH grand sired puppies along with Field Champion sired or grand sired pups. We work very hard with our program bringing in the best lines current and producing wonderful dual purpose companions with drive, looks and temperament. Please feel free to contact us about any of our planned litters posted below.

Yolo and CH pntd Hoss JH will be bred for an all yellow litter

We are hoping to breed Ash to CH pntd Hoss JH for an all black litter.

Cinder will be bred to Deuce JH for a black and chocolate litter

Roo will be bred to Merlin for an all yellow litter

Lil Bit will be bred to Deuce JH this year for an all chocolate litter