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We here at Mason Farms only deal with pedigrees that are proven through competitions and titling years and years before what we produce as well as titling our current lines and maintaining great breed standards. We get A lot of questions asking what all of the lettering means that are in front or behind a dogs name in our pedigrees. Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the titling abbreviations that you are looking at when looking at our lineage

We strive for a true "Dual Purpose" bred dog. Most of our dogs are already bred to produce those types of companions but sometimes we will combine the full English type with the Field type to get the "Dual" type back into the lineage of a dog to try to stick to a breed standard type of puppy. We spend a lot of time studying pedigrees to be able to match up great parents to produce very high quality puppies.

~ Not sure what type of lab that you are looking for? CLICK HERE to learn more about Field, English and Dual Type Labradors. ~

All of our puppies come with a two year health guarantee (pet registration only), sample of Nu Vet vitamins, 4lb/5lb. bag of current puppy food (Victor Active Dog and Puppy Formula Grain Free or American Journey Lamb and Sweet Potato Recipe Puppy), collar, leash, micro chipped with prepaid lifetime enrollment, toy, treats, blanket and parent's printed pedigree. Our puppies are also up to date on all vaccines and worming. We have a 2, 4 and 6 week worming program as well as a 4 week neopar vaccine followed by a 6 week all in one vaccine. Our puppies will also already have their first monthly Heart gard preventative. If pups stay longer than 8 weeks, they will stay up to date on all vaccinations and worming dates.

We try very hard to keep our breeding lines as health qualified as possible. We test more than most breeders to ensure high quality and healthy babies. We are always updating and adding new clearances but at Mason Farms, we test for OFA hips and elbows and can offer a lifetime guarantee on any puppy born from our dogs here at the farm against the following genetics thanks to our parentage testing: EIC, CNM, PRA/PRCD, HPNK, DM, Cys, SK2, RD/OSD, HUU, NARC, PK deficiency, Elliptocytosis, MTM1 and GR-PRA2. To learn more about the testings that we complete, please CLICK HERE.

For more information about puppy care, order puppy food and to learn why we use and recommend Nu Vet for our puppies, please CLICK HERE.

To contact me for more information, please text/call Tracy at 843-708-4741 or email me at [email protected].

If you would like to be considered for a puppy, please fill out our puppy questionnaire HERE.

IMPORTANT~ If you have already placed a deposit with us for a Mason Farms puppy, Please CLICK HERE for some great information about what you will need to get prior to your new baby coming home.~~~

Updated: 1-21-2018

Cinder and Drago had their beautiful English type litter on 12-10-2017. We have black and chocolate puppies that will be available. Cinder has been a wonderful mom and Drago is just a wonderful boy we are looking forward to watching them grow. Pups are priced at $1500.00.

We currently  have three pups AVAILABLE in this litter.

First Pick Chocolate Female~ Reserved for Dave Stenger~ Picked Laurens

Second Pick Chocolate Female~ AVAILABLE

First Pick Chocolate Male~ Reserved for Kenny Smith

Second Pick Chocolate Male~ Reserved for Renee Hall

Third Pick Chocolate Male~ Reserved for Crystal Boyd

FIrst Pick Black Female~ Reserved for Mason Farms

Second Pick Black Female~ AVAILABLE

Third Pick Black Female~ AVAILABLE

First Pick Black Male~ Reserved for James Yarbrough

Second Pick Black Male~ Reserved for Dusty Dukes

Sky and Jagger have had their all black litter on 12-19-2017. I have been looking forward to this breeding and will be keeping back a female for myself. This is a great pairing of a dual purpose dogs. Babies should be very athletic and eager to please. Pups priced at $1500.00 for pet registration.

First Pick Female~ Reserved for Mason Farms

Second Pick Female~ Available

First Pick Male~ Reserved for Drane Oliphant

Second Pick Male~ Reserved for Sara Brown
Third Pick Male~ Available

Fourth Pick Male~ Available

Ultra and Jagger have had their all yellow litter on 1-5-18. These babies are 1/4 American type and 3/4 English type bred. They will be dual purpose dogs that will be very willing to please and have great athleticism. Pups priced at $1500 for pet registration.

First Pick Female~ Reserved for Mason Farms

Second Pick Female~ Reserved for Laney Templeton

Third Pick Female~ Reserved for Pamela Foy

Fourth Pick Female~ Reserved for Hope Lapoczka

Fifth Pick Female

First Pick Male~ Reserved for Eni Palihan

Second Pick Male~ Reserved for Anna Wells

Third Pick Male~ Reserved for Megan Durmic