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CH Sired~ Poppyfields Home Brewed Jim Beam

Multi BISS Gr CH Big Sky's Stone Kutter X Poppyfields Chief Negotiator

English bred                         ~Optigen A

~DNA: EEbb                           ~OFA Hips: Good

~Weight: 75 lbs.                     ~OFA Elbows: Normal

~EIC: Clear                            ~OFA Patellar Luxation: Normal

~CNM: Clear                          ~OFA Cardiac: Normal

~DM: Clear                             ~ CYS: Clear

~SK2: Clear                           ~ Elliptocytosis: Clear

~PRA/PRCD: Clear                ~ HUU: Clear

~HNPK: Clear                         ~ MTM1: Clear

~RD/OSD: Clear                      ~ NARC: Clear

~ PRA- crd4: Clear                  ~ GR-PRA2: Clear

~ PK deficiency: Clear

CH Sired~ Imported~ Rainriver Quarterback "Drago"

CH Rainriver His Majesty 2-FT.D. -1 X Multi CH Moldova, Macedonia, Chile Rainriver Great Adventure

English Bred                     ~ Cys: Clear

~DNA: EEbb                     ~Hips A/A: FCI tested Excellent/Good

~Weight: 78 lbs.                 ~Elbows: 0/0: FCI tested Normal

~EIC: Clear                         ~ Optigen A

~CNM: Clear                       ~HUU: Clear

~DM: Clear                          ~ Elliptocytosis: Clear

MTM1: Clear                       ~ NARC: Clear

RD/OSD: Clear                  ~GR-PRA2: Clear

PRA`crd4: Clear                  ~ PK deficiency: Clear

~HPNK: Clear                                 Drago's pedigree

~PRA/PRCD: Clear

~SK2: Clear

CH sired~ Imported~ Starlight Labs Dancing With The Stars "Boris"

CH Mallorns Mocha Master X Multi CH, Gr CH Night Single Galaxy Way FT Duck-III, II

English bred

~DNA: EEbb                           ~Optigen A 

~EIC: Carrier                          ~Hips A/A: FCI tested Excellent/Good

~Weight: 78 lbs.                      ~Elbows: 0/0: FCI tested Normal

~CNM: Clear                           ~ MTM1: Clear

~DM: Clear                              ~ HUU: Clear

~HPNK: Carrier                       ~ NARC: Clear

~SK2: Clear                             ~ GR-PRA2: Clear

~Cys: Clear                              ~ Elliptocytosis: Clear

~PRA/PRCD: Clear                  ~ PK deficiency: Clear
~RD/OSD: Clear                      ~ PRA-crd4: Clear

CH Sired~  Masons Special Blend Deuce Deuce

GCHB CH Goldrush Special Blend At Doubleplay x Poppyfields Kodiak Brown JH CGC

CH Ptd. Potomac Falls Hoss'n Around At Mason JH

UK SH CH. Am/Can CH Salty Dog of Tampa Bay JH X GCH Robnie Home For The Holidays

English bred

~DNA: eeBB                       ~ MTM1: Clear
~Weight: 99 lbs.                  ~ NARC: Clear

~EIC: Carrier                       ~ GR-PRA2: Clear

~CNM: Clear                        ~ Elliptocytosis: Clear

~DM: Clear                           ~ PK deficiency: Clear

~HPNK: Clear                      ~ HUU: Clear

~Cys: Clear                          ~ PRA-crd4: Clear

~SK2: Clear                                                      Hoss' pedigree

~PRA/PRCD: Clear

~RD/OSD: Clear

~OFA Hips: Excellent

~OFA Elbows: Normal

CH Grand Sired~ Masons BYOG Says Dabo

Treadwaters Raging Thunder Bolt X SWCL Maggie

English/Field bred

~DNA: eeBB
~Weight: 78 lbs                 ~ MTM1: Clear

~EIC: Clear                       ~ NARC: Clear

~Cys: Clear                        ~ GR-PRA2: Clear

~CNM: Clear                     ~ Elliptocytosis: Clear

~DM: Clear                        ~ PK deficiency: Clear

~HPNK: Clear                    ~ HUU: Clear

~PRA/PRCD: Clear            ~ PRA-crd4: Clear

~RD/OSD: Clear                                   Dabo's pedigree

~SK2: Clear

~OFA Hips:

~OFA Elbows:

Bred Here: CH Sired~ Masons Moves Like Jagger

AM/CAN CH Deep Run Casablanca CD RA MH SHU X Centre Courts Deja Vu At Allura

~English Bred


~ EIC: Clear                                                        ~SK2: Clear

~CNM: Clear                                                       ~ OFA Hips:

~DM: Clear                                                          ~OFA Elbows:

~PRA/PRCD: Clear

~HPNK: Clear

~RD/OSD: Clear